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Clutch and Flywheel

For Smart 700cc petrol 450 or 452 (Roadster)

After you have tuned your engine it is likely the standard clutch will not be up to the job. This is a replacement that can handle 250% times the power of the standard setup (selection dependent).

The flywheel bolts straight onto the crank shaft. No need for the crankshaft/clutch retainer (spider).

The clutch Kit is only Pressure plate, Friction Plate and Flywheel.

(These have been tested and are ready to ship).

Kev-Tek = 5+ in stock
Half & Half = 5+ in stock


This is a Kevlar/Carbon composite. This clutch has an increased life expectancy and consequently a longer breaking in period. Carbon has been added to the friction material to remove any chances of glazing. It can easily take more power but for the same spring pressure the power capabilities are only increased by about 22%. The advantages are it's massive life expectancy (not normally a stock item).

Half sintered/Half Organic

This clutch was developed for out 200hp project. It has huge capabilities and can take up to 260Nm+ of Torque but is surprisingly easy to live with. It has not got the same feel as the standard clutch. Gear change speed is increased and does not like slipping between gear changes although initial takeoff is smooth.


Material Torque Price
Kev-Tek 220 Nm £693.00
Half sintered/Half Organic 260 Nm £720.50


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