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Valves, Springs, Retainer & Collets

Valve spring and Valve upgrade
So here they are what I have been waiting for. This is huge! (may not be to other normal people, but is to me). Three options:

1) MVSU01 (£188.26)
Valve springs (steel, AGAP) and retainers (Titanium) only for standard head and valves:
a) Increase valve spring pressure (Reduces the chance of burning a valve out).
b) Allows the head to take 12mm lift cam (can be changed without removing the head!)

2) MVSU02 (£486.25)
Valve springs (steel, AGAP), retainers (Titanium), Collet's and big valves for modified head 33.5mm inlet and 28.5mm Exhaust (these need new valve seats, so extensive modification to the head. At this point it may be as well to get the head ported and can take up to 12mm valve lift)

3) MVSU03 (£746.12)
As above but with Nimonic exhaust valves. The ultimate upgrade.


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